The Hh.o.o.dSM Foundation
(Helping Humanity Obtain Our DestinySM) is guarded by agents of change... changing and challenging the thinking of youth and adults by engaging them and providing the opportunity to problem solve their current way of thinking through Advertising Awareness Branding Fundamentals.

We use the basic fundamentals and principals that are utilized in advertising agencies and marketing firms to teach TEENS how to build their Self-Brand-Identity™.
(Self-Accountability, Self-Confidence and Self-Expression).

We apply these fundamentals and principals to the problems that plague our Urban Communities with Guns, Crime, Abuse, Aids, Cancer, Drugs, Genocide, Hate Crimes, Illiteracy, Poverty, Racism, Rape, Sexism, the use of the 'N' and 'B' words in order to re-claim, re-build, re-brand and raise social consciousness to create positive change.